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You are purchasing a deposit of £100 to go towards your tattoo appointment with Kit Wagstaff. 

Please note: Deposits are non-refundable, but will go towards the cost of your tattoo. Once you have purchased a deposit, you will be contacted to arrange a time/date for your appointment. 


  • The price quoted is the price agreed at the time of booking your tattoo.

    If you arrive late or finish early, you will still be charged the full amount quote upon booking.

    If you wish to make any changes to your appointment, please give us at least 72+ hours notice.

    The deposit is non-refundable. Any more money paid during the time of booking is also non-refundable.

    If you need to rearrange your appointment, we need 72+ hours notice. You may rearrange once before losing your deposit. You may not exchange your appointment with any other clients.

    If you arrive 15 minutes (or more) late to your appointment, the tattooist has the right to cancel the appointment and you will lose the non-refundable deposit.

    In the rare and unfortunate event that the artist has to reschedule due to a medical/health related emergency the deposit remains non-refundable and you will be offered the nearest suitable appointment.

    The time of the appointment given is a guideline and every effort will be made to ensure the tattoo is completed in the allotted timescale. If the tattoo takes longer than expected, any further sessions booked to complete will incur a further charge at the studio's hourly rate unless advised differently by the tattooer.

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