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COVid-19 guidelines

Following Government guidelines, we will be making some changes in the studio. 

If you, or anyone in your household, are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, we ask you not to come into the studio. Provided you make us aware before 10am the day of your appointment (although, the earlier you let us know, the better) we will be able to rearrange your appointment via phone or message. Although the deposit is non-refundable, it will be safe and carry over to your next appointment. If you do not give adequate warning, you will lose your deposit. 

The studio door will remain locked throughout the day. This means I can no longer offer walk in appointments - please phone, message or email me and I can see when I'd be able to fit you in. Consultations for a tattoo can also be done via email or message. :) 

When you arrive, please knock and wait patiently and we will let you in as soon as we can. We must allow sufficient time between clients for cleaning to take place. 
Please turn up to your appointment alone and on time. Any extra visitors will be asked to leave. If you are 15 minutes or more late, we will assume you're not attending and you  would lose your deposit. 

You MUST wear a mask throughout your time in our studio, unless you have a medical condition that prevents this. If you do not have your own, one will be provided upon arrival. 

There are sinks for hand-washing and sanitising stations throughout the studio that we will expect you to use regularly.

We are unable to offer refreshments at this time. You may bring your own food & drink; which will be kept and consumed in the waiting area ONLY. We request you take any leftover rubbish with you. 

We ask you not to bring unnecessary baggage with you, for example books, games etc. Phones can be placed in a sealed bag if you wish to bring it into the treatment area in case of emergency. 

At this time, we cannot perform face, head, neck or chest tattoos. No exceptions. 

Due to the extra PPE being worn by our artists, we will take regular breaks to get some air. There will also be an air filter in the studio to keep things fresh within the studio. 

Getting a tattoo can temporarily weaken your immune system while it is healing, so please take extra care of yourself and your tattoo after leaving the studio.

Any further information will be updated here. Thank you kindly for your patience and understanding.

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